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Phone: +1-561-459-4361

Fax: +1-561-290-1483

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As Team Realty and Investment Solutions, we understand the investment potential that goes into commercial property, thus offering the same level of service excellence whether you’re renting or leasing, looking for property management, client representation or investment sales.

Why choose Team Realty for your Commercial investments?

Our team of professionals understand and share passionately the in depth knowledge they have on all markets, whether local, national or international for your investment property and share financial options workable for you.

As our trusted client, we ensure client representation on a corporate level through;

  1. i)  Consultations
  2. ii) Economic analysis

iii) Research and comparisons

  1. iv) Sales or leasing space
  2. v) Lease negotiations and Management

Team Realty is ready to meet your commercial needs and is committed to high quality results  for whatever service you require from us.


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