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The Pros and Cons of Multi-Family Real Estate Investing Consulting and Programs

Category : Uncategorized     Brian Woods    | March 9, 2017

Consulting is recommended for investors trying out new markets in the real estate industry for the first time. The main information a good consultant should be able to give a client revolves more on market analysis, sale and negotiations of investment properties, renovating and upgrading rental properties and the best rates in financial deals. This among other services are what counts in determining whether a good consultant is worth their salt. There are programs for multi-family investing whic

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Disadvantages of Dealing with a Real Estate Short Sale Transaction

Category : Uncategorized     Brian Woods    | September 6, 2016

A short sale is a real estate sale that costs less than the original amount of the property. In order for the borrower not to default on paying the loan, they make a contract agreement with the lender to sell the property at a moderate price that covers at least a good amount of the unpaid loan. This means the lender forgives the borrower on whatever amount that is over and above the property’s worth during a short sale transaction. However, as good a deal as th

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What you Need to Know About Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Units

Category : Uncategorized     Brian Woods    | September 1, 2016

Housing and Urban Development (HUD) units are homes purchased with a Federal Housing Administration (FHA) mortgage. They are a cabinet-level agency that works to create solutions for affordable housing needs. HUD’s facilitate loan processing and house constructions for Americans through selling foreclosed units registered under them for fair market value. These HUD homes are acquired when the Federal Housing Administration mortgages fail to be paid so they get s

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Creative Real Estate Solutions Provided by Team Realty

Category : Uncategorized     Brian Woods    | August 30, 2016

Perhaps you’ve been considering moving into the Royal Palm Beach area but are not sure where to start. You have particular areas that appeal to you, but you don’t know the market, what works for your family, which way to start searching for property, or who to contact. The reason Team Realty property management is here is to answer all of your real estate questions in a creative and professional manner that no other company possibly can.   <

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Is This the Right Time to Invest in South Florida Real Estate?

Category : Uncategorized     Brian Woods    | August 28, 2016

If you’re looking to invest in real estate, this might be the right time to do so. Home prices are projected to go up over the next few years, and several counties are key in offering profits for either residential or commercial investments. The demand for Florida housing has been going up, presenting opportunities for investors and also risk when measured with the supply. In several counties such as the Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami, there is great potential i

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How to Build Your Real Estate Buyer’s List

Category : Uncategorized     Brian Woods    | August 24, 2016

A good buyer’s list will get your properties moving and deals closing in the shortest time possible. If you have a great deal of properties and no marketing strategy to get them moving, you might end up being stuck with them for a long period of time. The secret to selling properties faster and keeping a record of reliable contacts is building a real estate buyer’s list that you can depend on when properties become available.   Read More

What to Ask When Hiring a Commercial Real Estate Broker

Category : Uncategorized     Brian Woods    | August 22, 2016

Buyers get into mortgage loans without clearly understanding the terms of the contract and underwriting criteria used by the lender. This, in turn, adds a strain to their investment and becomes a major cause to a lost deal. It’s important to know how the lender assesses the risk of the project, what they require of you as the sponsor and how their lending guidelines satisfies the ultimate terms of the loan.   If

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Your Foreign Investment is Our Commitment

Category : Uncategorized     Brian Woods    | August 19, 2016

Team Realty and Investment Solutions understands that as an out-of-town investor, buying real estate in West Palm Beach can be challenging if you’re not available to go through the whole purchasing process. Our property management services in West Palm Beach is here to assist you. We work with professionals and understand the importance of your Return On Investment (ROI), therefore working to keep it at the highest is our utmost responsibility.   &nbs

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How to Win A Real Estate Home in a Bidding War

Category : Uncategorized     Brian Woods    | August 17, 2016

You could find yourself in a situation where you want to place an offer for your perfect home and the seller has received multiple offers. This may be discouraging since it takes a longer period of time before closing, and chances are that your offer may be rejected. Although it may seem like the best way to win a bidding war is offering the highest amount, sellers don’t always pick the highest bidder. Here are some great tips to help you win a real estate home

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The Three Common Types of Commercial Real Estate Leases

Category : Uncategorized     Brian Woods    | August 15, 2016

During rental calculations in a real estate commercial lease transaction, the agreement in rent payment can either be net, gross, or modified lease.  The first two leases are the most commonly used in commercial rent agreements. In general terms, a gross lease agreement is where the landlord caters for every expenditure and the tenant pays one full amount as rent while a net lease agreement is where the tenant caters for some extra utilities like electricity over

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