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Real Estate.

The Two Approaches When it Comes to Real Estate Investing

Category : Uncategorized     Brian Woods    | August 12, 2016

As an individual investor, going the real estate way is getting into an investment that may work for you or not. This will highly depend on the approach you take while investing and how much information you have gathered before signing any papers. There are two main approaches in real estate that are possible options for the newcomer in the real estate investment industry and would be a good way to start before going into the more complicated deals. &nbs

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How to Survive A Real Estate Downturn

Category : Uncategorized     Brian Woods    | August 8, 2016

Real estate as an investment has its up and down market moments. There are times when the market is thriving and profits are a definite and there are also times when downturn is real and nothing seems to be happening in the real estate sector except bubble bursting. In order to survive a real estate downturn, a different angle in handling your investments can come in handy. Here are ways in which you can try and salvage your investments during the difficult real e

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Ways to Estimate the Value of a Property

Category : Uncategorized     Brian Woods    | August 5, 2016

Whatever real estate you’re interested in getting involved in, whether for buying, selling, flipping or investing in real estate, estimating the value of a property is a must because it gives a projection of value versus expenditure in the buying process. If a property is valued incorrectly, it may mean losing great value for the money you’ve invested in it.   The following steps are ways you can use t

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Here’s What You Should Know When Buying a Flipped Home

Category : Uncategorized     Brian Woods    | August 3, 2016

Although buying a flipped home may seem like the perfect solution for a newly renovated home with new appliances, a keen look at how these changes have been made can be a cost saving investment. It is important to ask the right questions when looking into buying one, and working with the right real estate inspector. Here are some of the most common questions to ask before investing in a flipped home.   A flipped h

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What You Need to Know Before Buying A Condominium

Category : Uncategorized     Brian Woods    | August 1, 2016

A well-run community is every unit owner’s expectation. No one wants to buy a condominium that has pending issues, unsorted bills, disagreements with the management, so on and so forth. A unit owner should therefore weigh their options way before placing an offer into a condominium home to make certain they are picking the right one for their family or themselves. A well-informed choice will determine whether its a good investment or not, and for most condominium homeowners, stability in a con

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The Work of an Impartial Committee in an Association

Category : Uncategorized     Brian Woods    | July 25, 2016

An impartial committee is defined as anyone other than current board members and they are the ones who conduct elections in associations. The Florida Administrative Code provides that an “impartial committee” must be appointed to open the envelopes and count ballots in an election. The same rule prohibits current directors, officers, and candidates and their wives from serving on the “impartial committee”.   If the unit owners at the meeting do

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The Importance of Hiring Insured Workmanship in an Association

Category : Uncategorized     Brian Woods    | July 13, 2016

The issue of insurance and compensation when it comes to hiring independent contractors is quite challenging because associations prefer them, while management companies don’t. Management companies have their own worker’s compensation insurance and general liability which covers any incidences that may occur in terms of injuries or accidents to the worker in question, while associations rely on the worker’s compensation insurance, which is not a legal requirement and so is not evident for

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What is Permissible for Common Elements in a HOA Community Property?

Category : Uncategorized     Brian Woods    | July 11, 2016

As much as anything outside a unit owner’s residence may qualify as a common element for the whole community to use, this will be determined by the rules and regulations that are governing such a HOA and the type of common element. There are general common elements which can be accessed by any homeowner in the community, and those which are  limited or exclusive depending on the definition given by  rules given or the declaration of CC&R’s (Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions).

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Assessment of Lawyer Fees Against a Condominium or HOA Unit Owner

Category : Uncategorized     Brian Woods    | June 30, 2016

Associations such as condominiums, HOAs, and cooperatives as mentioned in the Florida Statutes are not allowed to collect fines unless a notice has been given that a fine is imposed and a hearing opportunity is provided within fourteen days before non-members of the board. The fining committee in this case will have a right to decide levying of the fine. It is the court which awards lawyer fees that is collected from a unit owner except during collections of unpai

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Is It Possible to Carry on a Simultaneous Closing?

Category : Uncategorized     Brian Woods    | June 26, 2016

The chances of closing both the sale of your home and the purchase of a new one are normally slim, but this does not make it impossible. With the right tools and a good head start, you might just be lucky and manage both closings without having to look for a temporary place to stay.   Buying and selling a home simultaneously can present quite a challenge when things are not done in the right manner, that is why hir

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